Ryan Maifield ROAR Nationals 2019

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Ellipse Tires - The Directions Explained

When we first released the JConcepts Ellipse tires (#3196), we had to compete with one of the most successful indoor tire or all time, the BK inspired JConcepts Dirt Webs. It was no easy task, but over time we are starting to see the...

Track Tire Guide

Let’s face it, there’s so much tire stuff going on these days, it can seem quite overwhelming. From a plethora of compounds to choose from, multiplied by the numerous tread patterns, and then include in all the different surface situations, factor in the heat and humidity, nailing the right tire can get confusing. Now we’ve made it easier with...

JConcepts Tire Chart

JConcepts Tire Compound Key

JConcepts tires are available in multiple compounds intended to suit every track condition.

Questions about mounting your Bar Codes?

Info on mounting the JConcepts Bar Codes:

Much work was put into the details of the Bar Code truck tire so that customers would have more than one mounting option.

After many months of testing we determined that in the rear the "Y" side bars should be mounted on the outside of the wheel.  This...