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Splitters - 2.2" Buggy Rear

Splitters - 2.2" Buggy Rear


Fits 2.2" buggy rear wheel

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JConcepts has always been on top of the 1/10th buggy racing scene with the original release of Double Dees and Bar Codes.    Enter the Splitters into the equation as a go-to tire in the loose and slick conditions.   The “Split-bar” and alternating horizontal and vertical positioning fill the void for both forward and side-bite.    The Splitters are a micro-pin tire which places the individually spaced pins in opposing directions placing footing in each direction.  The tread sits on a proven “Bar Code” tire carcass giving the tire a low-profile, wide-body appearance allowing clipped tread to extend all the way to the outer edges.  The carefully shaped profile allows a great balance of monster forward traction and comfortable side-bite.   Once the cushy tread combines with the Super and Mega soft compounds the Splitters provide confidence inspiring grip in the toughest conditions. 

  • Available in Soft (blue) and Mega Soft (Black) compounds
  • Split-bar tread with alternating horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Micro-pin lugs, individually spaced
  • 2.2” bead mounting size for compatibility
  • Carefully shaped carcass = forward traction
  • Includes firm And-1 foam inserts