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Fin 8th Scale Turnbuckle Wrench

Fin 8th Scale Turnbuckle Wrench


Fits – Fin 1/8th Titanium turnbuckles

5mm open end

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Product Information

An aftermarket adjustment wrench offered by JConcepts is available separately for ease of adjustment on JConcepts 5mm turnbuckles. The wrench is made of aluminum material and features a stout adjustment and handle area for handy pitting. The Fin turnbuckle wrench has been laser marked with JC for authentication and is the perfect complement to any tool set.  The wrench is sized to fit just about anywhere in a racers toolbox and is the quick hit accessory for racers utilizing the new Fin turnbuckles by JConcepts.    



  • JConcepts design and simple function
  • High-quality, machined aluminum material
  • Handy size, easily fits into race gear