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At the young age of 6 Ryan Maifield started his racing career in his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. Back then one of the largest national races each year which was The Cactus Classic which was held in Scottsdale.


10-year-old Maifield rounds out the podium in the Stock Truck class at the 11th Annual Cactus Classic.

Photo credit: Radio Control Car Action Magazine

It didn’t take Ryan long to start making podiums at this event and by the 17th annual Cactus Classic he would TQ and win 2wd Mod Buggy at the young age of 16.

Maifield’s winning ride was featured in a “Under The Hood” story in the July 2003 issue of Radio Control Car Action Magazine.

Photo credit: Radio Control Car Action Magazine

Over the years the wins would start to pile up from National and large race events, but one major victory had eluded him to this point which was the win that would crown him an IFMAR World Champion. That would all change in the fall of 2017.

In that year Maifield ended his quest to secure his first IFMAR World title by sweeping both the 2WD and 4WD classes at the IFMAR 1:10 Off-Road World Championships in Xiamen, China. 

That momentum continued in 2018 at the IFMAR 1:8 Off-Road Worlds in Perth, Australia as Ryan would start in pole position for the 60-minute main event. After the dust had settled Ryan would capture third place overall and earn his first podium for this World event. 

Early in 2018 JConcepts released the Ryan Maifield Car Stand to help celebrate the double IFMAR win in China and officially launch the RM2 product line which is the focus of this edition of The Garage. 

The Ryan Maifield Car Stand comes unassembled and is constructed from a sturdy textured black plastic. 

It uses a rectangular design with rounded corners for a more aesthetic appearance. 

Embossed into the top of the stand is Ryan’s signature “RM” logo which is highlighted more with the included decal sheet (more on that in a little bit). The stand uses a wide 9 ½“ (241.3mm) x 5 ½“ (139.7mm) footprint so it is suitable for vehicles ranging from 1:10 buggies all the way up to 1:8 rigs. A thick foam ring is also included to help keep your vehicle in place while resting on this stand. The Ryan Maifield Car Stand does require a little bit of assembly so let’s go through that process next. 

Frist, you need to open the packaging so I used the Dirt Cut Precision Straight Scissors to make quick work of that step. 

Then I used them to open the included decal sheet.

Here you can see the decals that are included and note that they are already trimmed out for you. This means you simply need to peel and apply them to the RM2 stand so let’s do that next.

I first installed the smaller, side panels decals with the aid from the JConcepts Precision Hobby Knife.

Then I used the Precision Hobby Knife to install the two larger side panel decals. 

Both larger decals are different, so you can decide which side you want to place them on. The final decal that needed to be installed was the signature RM lettering that rests on top of the car stand.

These are trickier to install so once again I used the Precision Hobby Knife to make this task easier.

The last step was to install the included foam ring. 

To install this peel off the backing and then carefully guide it into place. 

The adhesive is pretty durable so if you mess up just gently pull it back and then apply it again. 

Besides holding your race vehicle, another benefit of this stand is that you can store some loose items in it when you pack up your gear to go to the race track. 

Along with this car stand, JConcepts offers a variety of different styles that have been released over the years so please make sure to check out all the options on the JConcepts website.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Garage, and a complete list of the items featured in this story is listed below:

Check out the full line of RM2 products HERE.

JConcepts Products: 

2012M - Illuzion - Matte vehicle stand – black – MSRP $15.00
2133 - 4' Pit Mat – MSRP $20.00
2263-1 – 7mm Fin Quick-Spin Wrench - Blue MSRP $25.00
2370M - Finnisher Car Stand - MSRP $20.00
2371B- Exo 10th Scale Shock Stand And Cup – Black - MSRP $14.00
2452-2 – Fin Reamer - Black - MSRP $45.00
2544M - Aero Car Stand - MSRP $20.00
2552-1 - Precision Hobby Knife Handle - Blue - MSRP $36.00
2661M – Ryan Maifield Car Stand – MSRP $25.00

Dirt Racing Products: 

7999 - Dirt Racing Products - Decal Sheet - MSRP $5.00
8009 - Dirt Cut - Precision Straight Scissors – MSRP $15.00

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