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Ryan Maifield


One of the best overall drivers in the world, Ryan Maifield excels in just about every facet of R/C Racing.    He competes at the highest level in the 1/10th and 1/8th off-road classes and is known, first, for his speed and aggressive style but it’s his passion, versatility and consistency which raises the stakes at any event he is competing in.   Ryan started racing at the age of 6 in his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ where his parents were instrumental in helping him become a threat locally at a very young age.   His passion carried over into his teenage years where he was able to TQ and win one of the largest events of the year, The Cactus Classic, at just 16 years old. 


Ryan rolled his success into Pro driver status by 2005 and at the age of 18 he traveled to his first World Championship with Team Associated.   Maifield took down the Top Qualifying position in the 4wd modified class and this is also where he began his racing career and relationship with JConcepts.   From that point on, Ryan, has continued to display the same type of speed and consistency in all classes of competition where he has earned more than 10 ROAR National Championships in the buggy and truck classes combined.   His racing always seems to peak during the famous Cactus Classic where Ryan has won over 15 championships in the modified classes.   


Multiple victories at the prestigious Dirt Nitro Challenge, Silver State Nitro Challenge and Alabama Manufacturers Shootout make Ryan a favorite at almost every large 1/8th event in World.   Its every drivers honor to compete at the IFMAR World Championships and Ryan has delivered more than 5 podium finishes at the ultimate bi-annual event.    When it comes to being a professional off-road driver capable of winning at any moment, Ryan Maifield is in a class all by himself.  


During the 2014 ROAR Fuel Nationals, Ryan put in a classic performance in a farewell race to his long-time sponsor, Team Associated.    After more than 12 years together, Ryan’s career took on a new dimension while signing with Team Losi Racing and Team Orion in the summer of 2014.    A much publicized event, Ryan’s signing affected the entire community as a driver of his stature rarely moves during the peak of their career.    Flashing to Ryan’s first public race appearance, it was business as usual as Ryan TQ’ed and won 2wd, 4wd and SCT modified at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals at Outback Raceway in Chico, CA.    With a big smile on his face and energized passion, Ryan looks forward to the ROAR Off-Road Nationals and IFMAR 1/8th Off-Road World Championships toward the end of 2014 with his new race sponsors by his side.  


Ryan, also known to friends as "Mans" or Maifield is popular with fans, fellow racers and his closest rivals due to his “down to earth” demeanor and sense of humor.    The comedy ends once he hits the drivers stand where Ryan is all business representing JConcepts and Team Losi Racing to the best of his ability.





















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  • Ryan Maifield – 2017/2018 IFMAR 2wd Buggy World Champion
    Ryan Maifield – 2017/2018 IFMAR 2wd Buggy World ChampionIt's been a long time coming and he's finally done it! Congratulations to Ryan Maifield on winning his first IFMAR World title. Check out what he had to say in his first interview as a World Champion!