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Ryan Cavalieri


JConcepts welcomes Ryan Cavalieri to the world wide race team. The 4x IFMAR World Champion and 24x ROAR National Champion brings a lineage of racing experience and history back to  JConcepts, for whom he has World Championship winning history with.  Ryan carries the ability to race in 8 different classes of competition which makes him the ideal candidate to race, promote and assist in further development of an already complete line offered from JConcepts.  

One of the greatest drivers of all time, Ryan continued his winning ways in 2016 by winning another ROAR National Championship in the 2wd SCT class, swept the Surf City Classic, Team Associated Championships and most recently, the Top Gun Challenge. Look for Ryan to get started early as he attends the 30th annual Winter Midwest Championships in Jeffersonville, Ohio. 

Jason Ruona states, “Ryan has an undeniable presence at every event he attends. His competitive nature is among the highest in the industry making him a consistent force throughout the year. A very sought-after driver, we’re excited about adding Ryan to our line-up of world class drivers, which already includes several teammates and close friends, I believe he’s a great match for us.”

Ryan Cavalieri states, “I'm really excited to be part of the JConcepts team. I've had a great relationship with Jason over the years, especially back in 2005 winning the 4wd IFMAR World Championships for JConcepts. Look out for all my Team Associated cars equipped with JConcepts at the 30th annual Winter Midwest Championships.”



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  • JConcepts Announces Ryan Cavalieri
    JConcepts Announces Ryan Cavalieri