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Reno Savoya


Getting his start in RC Racing at a young age, a five year old Reno Savoya would get a few laps in, walking behind the car during breaks at the local track where his Dad raced on a regular basis.  By the time Reno was six, he made his way up the drivers stand and started racing on a regular basis.  Reno and his Dad traveled to all the local races but found it a challenge balancing racing and school.

In 2001 at the age of 14, Reno found himself at the top of the podium at the B French National Championships.  Reno now had to move up to the famous A National Championship.  At the time he was told he was too young to battle with the likes of Lachat, Lenoard and Aigoin.  Some had said he would be eaten, as those guys were like sharks.  Reno was always fascinated by sharks and this inspired his shark logo around that time in 2002.

Working his way up the ranks, Reno had his best season in 2008, being the French National Champion, European Champion, and finishing 3rd at the World Championships in Charlotte, USA.

It was around that time the Reno decided to stop working as a thermal engineer. He got fully involved in RC and became pro in 2009. Reno enjoyed racing everywhere in the world, living the dream in Australia and USA.

Reno signed with JConcepts in 2015 and would like to thank his dedicated sponsors and especially his two mechanics JT and Manu!



JConcepts Track Tire Guide – Reno’s Tire Notes From the 2019 EUROS


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Rivkin, Ciccarello Win at 2019 Silver State!!

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3 French National Championships in a Row for Reno Savoya with JConcepts!!

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Winning a National title in any competitive RC country is an honor and feat that only a few are able to accomplish. It means you’re the fastest driver in the entire country and you are your country’s representative on the global style. Adding yet another French National 1/8th Scale title to his long list of achievements, […]


The 2018 IFMAR Worlds and What the Pro’s Used

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The IFMAR World events always bring out the best drivers, companies, and teams all with the same goal in mind… a world title. From bodies, tires, accessories, prototype parts, etc. everyone is striving for the best package and if you look at any of the Pro’s cars, they’re decked out to the max! Here’s a […]


2018 NEOBuggy – Recap

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The 2018 NeoBuggy Race consisted of the same special soul with a new face. This year the NeoBuggy Race was hosted in a new country, at a new track, and couldn’t have been any more different than the old venue at Harper Adams in England. From a tricky clay indoor surface track that was scheduled directly […]

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