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Slash 4X4 Front Bumper Conversion Kit Scalpel

#2173 Slash 4X4 - Front Bumper Conversion Kit

Converting the Slash 4x4 to the Scalpel speed-run vehicle requires body, bumper conversion and tires and wheels are highly recommended.    The assembly is simple and takes only minutes to complete.    First, remove stock bumper assembly and replace with the newly acquired speed-run accessories and foam bumper.   Make small changes to...


The SC10 has a very flexible rear body mount which provides several durability advantages but when it comes to performance, having a sturdy base to the body is critical.   JConcepts rear SC10 body mount brace performs just as the description suggests and supports the body mount in high-force situations.  

#2091 B4.1 Hex Adapter Instructions

#2091 B4.1 Hex Adapter Instructions

Converting the rear of the B4.1 or B44.1 to 12mm hex drive is simple with the release of the rear hex adaptor set from JConcepts.  Installation is simple and converts the rear of the B4.1 to the more popular 12mm design. 

Adaptors require JConcepts Inverse wheels #3338 (white) #3338Y (yellow) or Mono wheels 3348 (white) 3348Y (yellow)...

Stampede 4x4 Lowered Body Mounts

Maintaining a low-profile with the Stampede 4×4 is easy with the JConcepts lowered body mount kit. Designed and developed by JConcepts, the new body mounts provide the footing for a lower, sleek look while maintaining that monster truck flare the Stampede is known for.

JConcepts 2166

JConcepts anti-roll bar kit

JConcepts, together with test drivers Brian Kinwald and Paul Wynn, sought out the proper pivot placement on the front and rear a-arms which provided the best performance point, which became the basis for the new design.   The inner mounted locations place more emphasis on wire diameter and less mechanical advantage which allows the driver a...