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2261 JConcepts – Kyosho RB6 / RT6 Aluminum wing mounts


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JConcepts – Kyosho RB6 / RT6 Aluminum wing mounts - available in black or blue
# - 2261
(Fits –Kyosho RB6 / RT6)

The wing and wing mount area are under a tremendous load during crashes, tumbles and general racing conditions.  JConcepts has added another beefy part to the wide selection of accessory items specifically for the Kyosho RB6 and RT6 vehicles.     The triangular shaped mount features a stout support from tower to mount and tower to transmission braced with a lightweight rib feature between providing a steady platform up top shaped for the standard body clip attachment.   Standard hardware is used throughout making it a quick and easy update on site or during a typical wrench day.  Triangulate with JConcepts.

• Precision machined aluminum
• Chamfer highlight edging
• Beefy design triangular design
• JC etched logo
• Available in blue and black colors
• Aesthetic jewelry