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2137 - Illuzion - SC10 4x4 over-tray - protect SC104x4 from dirt


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Illuzion - SC10 4x4 over-tray - protects chassis from excessive debris
Part # - 2137

When racing or bashing on a loamy or top soil track surface the inside of the SC10 4x4 chassis can become loaded with dirt or debris which creates extra weight.  With the JConcepts over-tray these worries are minimized with the simple and functional over-tray.  Fitting nicely under the body; the JConcepts over-tray hugs the outside dimension of the SC10 4x4 chassis protecting the inside from unwanted excess dirt and debris build-up during racing conditions.  

The over-tray fits snug around the entire chassis structure while being attached in the front and rear with a simple body clip or hook and loop tape (or Velcro if you prefer) on the sides for easy access.  The over-tray is built with extra height and rake to provide extra room for various electrical and battery configurations.   The back-side of the lovers can be cut out for air to escape.   Holes can be added anywhere to release air but will also allow more dirt in.   Trim the over-tray as needed to match your power and protection requirements. 


  • Original JConcepts simple design and function
  • Durable clear polycarbonate material can be painted or wrapped
  • Plenty of clearance for various electrical and battery configurations
  • JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design

*over-tray shown is trimmed and mounted, actual part comes clear and untrimmed.