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3012 Goose Bumps - fits1/8th 3.25" trk wheel - Buy 1 get 1 FREE


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Goose Bumps (fits1/8th 3.25" truck wheel)
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Part # - 3012-001 blue compound, Inserts not included

The JConcepts Goose Bumps tire is just what the doctor ordered. The totally unique step pin and bar lug design combined with the yellow/medium compound to allow even greater control on slightly loamy and wet conditions.The Goose Bumps are a special breed, designed for maximum performance when new or used as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body. Once the driver wears through the initial pin, a bar follows to maximize potential on aggressive surfaces.

The Goose Bumps incorporate a compact tire body with a crisp tread pattern with precise separation for intense racing competition.

Goose Bumps in new condition excel on soft surfaces with either dry or wet conditions. Worn Goose Bumps excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a slight groove has formed.

Goose Bumps 1/8th tire Features:

  • Compact tire body with crisp tread and precise separation
  • Aggressive step pin and bar lug combination design

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