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3304 - Inverse - 1/8th buggy wheel (black) w/ caps - 4pc


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Inverse - 1/8th buggy wheel (black) w/ (white) caps - 4pc
Part # 3304
(fits all 1/8th buggies)

JConcepts rocked the world during the 1/8th off-road IFMAR World Championships with the debut of a first of its kind; an adjustable 2-piece wheel. The 2-piece design provides several benefits for maximum tune-ability and ease of use. The inner wheel comes standard in a stealth, black matte finish providing the driver a look and feel never seen before. In addition, the inner wheel is designed as a completely smooth surface for the cleanest fit and finish which resists debris build-up. Previous industry standard designs with heavy ribbing have a tendency to catch debris which affects balance and weight.

The outer dish, available in bright white or fluorescent yellow is creatively interlocked with the wheel and with the addition of inner screws can provide tuned flexibility. A 4 or 8 - screw combination can be utilized for tuning with 8 screws providing a stiffer inner wheel and 4 screws providing more flex. The Inverse wheel face also incorporates a user friendly wheel face shaped to promote a smoother gluing, wiping and drying experience. Wheels are branded with the JC logo for brand identification and authenticity. The Inverse wheel package forms a light-weight, clean design that is pure JConcepts style and function.


  • Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow color combinations
  • Inner wheel comes standard in a stealth, black matte finish
  • 4 inner and outer wheel pieces with tuning screws
  • Durable, light-weight material and design

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