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3029 Sevens - Pre-mounts - blue compound - SALE


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3029 JConcepts Sevens  (Fits all 1/8th buggies)

Sevens - Blue/ Soft Compound Pre-Mounted on Yellow Mono wheels, includes:
one pair; 2 tires, 2 wheels, 2 inserts, pre-mounted

As a driver, looking for a competitive edge is routine and with JConcepts you will look no further than the Sevens.  Sevens are a result of 2-years of research and development on the world and national 1/8th buggy circuit.  The Sevens are a well thought out design incorporating the small pin design of the Double Dee’s combined with directional and functional undertones which produce increased grip while reducing wear. 

Wear is always the trade off when going to a small pin tire and with the Sevens these worries are a thing of the past.  Running qualifiers and main events on the same quick tire is now possible. Sevens are a world leading tire combination right out of the package, the unique Sevens lug technology combined with the sticky yellow and blue compound allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time

The JConcepts Sevens excel on hard packed or blue groove conditions where the track surface has started to take rubber.  Drivers will feel the immediate impact of the exclusive design and proprietary rubber compound as they rip around the track at blistering speeds.

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