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0077 - Illuzion – Kyosho MP9 – Hi-Flow body


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Illuzion – Kyosho MP9 – Hi-Flow body
Part # - 0077
(Direct fit for Kyosho MP9 buggy)

The MP9 is the latest in the legendary Kyosho line for 1/8th buggy competition.  JConcepts has responded with the latest design for the MP9 the Illuzion – Hi-Flow. The Illuzion “Hi-Flow” styling presents a smooth yet detailed design while incorporating many of the features from the original Hi-Flow body.  Race inspired aggressive styling; Illuzionized cab and durable design are just some of the features that make the new Illuzion – Kyosho MP9 body stand out from the rest.


  • Original Illuzion – Hi-Flow Styling
  • Race inspired body, cab and window design
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed decal sheet