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Category: J82 Front Tires
J82 Front Tires

3000 - Groovy - 1/8th, 2wd front, fits J82 2.2" front wheel


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Groovy -fits J82 front wheel
Part # - 3000

(Fits J82 front wheel)

The JConcepts Groovy J82 front tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces. The Groovy incorporates a compact tire body with sharp 4-rib separation for precise steering input and response. The Groovy front for the J82 is available in sticky Yellow and Green compounds.

Yellow compound excels on wet surfaces with loamy or tacky conditions or on extremely grooved surfaces where less steering is required.

Green compound excels on a wide variety of surfaces where the surface has taken only a minimal amount of rubber onto the racing line.

JConcepts Tire Application Chart

Groovy Features:

  • Available in sticky Yellow and Green compound
  • Compact tire body w/ sharp 4-rib separation
  • Deep ribbed design for increased steering on loamy and wet tracks
  • Includes JConcepts firm foam inserts

JConcepts Tire Compound Key:

Yellow = Medium - all conditions

White = Medium groove conditions

Blue = Soft - all conditions

Orange = Soft groove conditions

Green = Super Soft - all conditions



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