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0117 - Illuzion 6.5" V-wing


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0117 - Illuzion - 6.5" wide high down force V-wing
Part # - 0117, 2 per package
(Fits B4.1, B44.1 and most 1/10th off-road buggies)

Hitting the easy button for wing selection is as simple as choosing the 6.5 V-wing. The most neutral feeling JConcepts wing available, the 6.5 has quick rotation in the tight corners and a wide deck and adjustable gurney height for maximum tune-ability. Marked and dimpled for quick mounting on the B4.1 and B44.1 buggies, the 6.5 V-wing can also be fit to almost any 1/10th buggy available. The 6.5 wide wing is the standard replacement wing for the JConcepts Hi-Flow and Punisher line of bodies.