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JConcepts – J82 Conversion kit

Kit comes standard with white wheels - order now and get an extra set of white OR yellow wheels (front and rear) at no additional charge.  Make your color selection from the drop down below.


J82 conversion kit - (converts RC10T4 to J82 - 1/8th electric 2wd buggy)
Part # - 4002

(Converts RC10T4 truck to 1/8th 2wd electric buggy)

JConcepts introduces a revolutionary new vehicle concept, the J82.   The J82 is the buggy of your dreams, combining the drivability of a 1/10th truck with the fascination of a buggy.  The J82 is a terrific platform for drivers wanting to race on a bigger track with tough terrain.  The J82 allows a brushless and lipo driver the opportunity to race with more confidence for an extended period of time.

The JConcepts J82 is a conversion kit for the Associated RC10T4 vehicle.  With this conversion, a driver can now compete in two classes on the same day using just one vehicle.

Jason Ruona stated – “Trucks have always been easier to drive making them a popular choice in competition.  The buggy class has always been looked at as the more prestigious class – Now the World’s have collided."  

Another original idea by JConcepts
Go Bigger
Go Longer
Go J82

J82 conversion kit features:

  • Original JConcepts Illuzion - J82 body with J82 decal sheet
  • 1/10th Scale Ball Cups (black)
  • Groovy - 1/8th - 2wd front, green (fits 2.2" buggy front wheel)
  • Double Dee's - green compound (fits 2.2" truck wheel)
  • Mono - J82 front wheel (white) - 2pc
  • Mono – J82 rear wheel (white) - 2pc
  • Factory Blue Titanium Turnbuckle, 1.775"
    Item needed not included in the conversion kit:
    Hook and loop tape (secure the body to chassis)

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