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2304 - JConcepts - RC10 Classic 2.5mm Carbon Fiber transmission


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JConcepts - RC10 Classic 2.5mm Carbon Fiber transmission brace (6 gear)

Part # - 2304

(Fits –RC10 Classic)


The RC10, the most classic design in R/C history has been reintroduced to the public and available options parts are in high demand.   One of the most famous upgrades to the vehicle is the addition of a Carbon Fiber transmission brace to support the rear-end of the vehicle.   The stock vehicle comes standard with a molded, white plastic brace which has considerable flex and when driven hard can affect the rear-end stability.  The JConcepts Carbon Fiber option creates a more rigid assembly in each direction giving the racers a more solid feel in rear suspension and also resists chassis rear-end tweak and bending issues.   Replace the plastic and go with authentic 2.5mm Carbon Fiber by JConcepts.  



·         Reinforcement ribs added for strength

·         2.5mm genuine Carbon Fiber material

·         Improves rigidity over stock components

·         Aesthetic eye-candy