JConcepts - C4.2 alum narrow pivot, Rr plate - 3 deg toe, 1D &2D


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JConcepts - C4.2 aluminum narrow pivot, rear plate - 3 degree toe, 1D & 2D anti-squat
Part # - 2326
(Fits –Centro C4.2)

JConcepts offers replacement C4.2 aluminum narrow pivot suspension rear plates for racers wanting to refresh after rebuilds or upgrades.    The 2.5 and 3 degree toe-in plate is CNC machined aluminum and black anodized for a durable design.   The plates are designed to give the vehicle 2.5 or 3 degrees of toe-in on both rear tires giving the option of neutral (2.5 toe) or the more grippy setting (3 toe).     The mount can be run in 2 different directions, 1D represents 1 degree of anti-squat and 2D represents 2 degrees of anti-squat.    A great adjustment in a multitude of ways incorporating a narrow rear pivot design with adjustable anti-squat. 

• JConcepts design and function
• CNC machined aluminum
• Available in 2.5 and 3 degree options
• Silver chamfer highlighting
• Available black in color
• Aesthetic eye-candy