2321 - JConcepts - C4.2 aluminum rear wing mounts


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JConcepts - C4.2 aluminum rear wing mounts
(Fits –Centro C4.2)
Part # - 2321-1 - blue


Part # - 2321-2  - black
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Wing mounting position is very critical in 2wd buggy racing and JConcepts is quick to adapt the C4.2 buggy to a more traditional height and mount.     The stock wing mounts place the wing extremely high on the vehicle, raising the center of gravity and increasing the pendulum effect of the rear-end.    The JConcepts wing mounts place the wing more than 7mm lower than stock and have been spaced closer to accommodate the more popular wings on the market allowing a more interchangeable wing between the B4 and C4 vehicles.    The aluminum wing mounts are light-weight, durable and set the wing at just the right height giving the vehicle a more natural rake in appearance.    Available in blue or black color with silver chamfering on the perimeter allows a driver to match their favorite paint scheme.  

• Original JConcepts design
• CNC machined aluminum
• Silver chamfer highlighting
• Available in blue and black color
• Aesthetic eye-candy

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