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3018-3200 Goose Bumps - green compound, pre-mounted 1/16 E-Revo


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Goose Bumps - green compound (pre-mounted 1/16th E-Revo)
Part # - 3018-3200
(Fits 1/16th E-Revo front and rear)

JConcepts set a new standard for the 1/16th E-Revo with the Goose Bumps tire and wide track Rulux wheel, and now, they are even easier to use than before with the introduction of pre-mounts. The traction and performance of the Goose Bumps is a known commodity, it can now be added to the wildest 1/16th scale truck on the market. Bring the performance of the 1/16th E-Revo up to speed and hit the easy button with JConcepts.