2135 -JConcepts - 12mm front clamping hex adaptor for B4.1


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JConcepts - 12mm front clamping hex adaptor for B4.1 - blue anodized aluminum
Part # - 2135
(Fits B4.1 front with the addition of AE 12mm conversion parts)

Converting the front of the B4.1 to a clamping 12mm hex adaptor is simple with the latest release from JConcepts. The hex adaptors are precision machined, blue anodized aluminum and feature a clamping style design that combine durability and functionality. Installation is simple, and tire changes are hassle free.

Clamping adaptors require:

  • Team Associated 12mm hex conversion steering blocks and axles.
  • Adaptors require JConcepts Inverse wheels #3337 (white) #3337Y (yellow) or Mono wheels 3347 (white) 3347Y (yellow) wheel for proper mounting, offset and handling characteristics.


  • Simple, clamping 12mm design and function
  • Durable, aluminum material with blue anodizing
  • Compatible with JConcepts 12mm hex and Kyosho RB5 front wheels