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3034 Subcultures – Pre-mounts - Green compound


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Subcultures – green compound – yellow or white wheel (pre-mounted)

(Fits all 1/8th buggy wheels)

Subcultures, the new three tier design from JConcepts, are the latest in 1/8th buggy tire development.  It’s a whole new world down within the tread as the Subcultures are the first 1/8th buggy tire with three-tier lug technology.   The precisely spaced pyramid shaped tread provides the initial feel and control for hard packed, loose and loamy conditions while the step base give the necessary height for wet and soft conditions.  At the very base of the Subcultures is a mesh of tread which provides grip at a time when most tires are left bald. 

Now available in sticky super soft green compound, the Subcultures are a specialty tire that when matched to the appropriate track can provide the performance and all around tire that racers dream of. 

The Subcultures are a part of the JConcepts special breed of tire, designed for maximum performance when new or used as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body.  Subcultures in green compound while in new condition excel on hard slick surfaces that are either dry, wet or when traction is hard to come-by. Worn Subcultures on the second or third tier of lugs excel on surfaces where a groove has formed with minimal dust buildup.  


  • Green super soft compound
  • Compact tire body with crisp tread and separation
  • Aggressive 3-tier design
  • Tires with inserts include Profiled (closed cell inserts)


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