3003-02 - Double Dees - 4wd front


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2.2” 4wd buggy front tire
Fits – Any 2.2” 4wd buggy front wheel

Two tires per package

The JConcepts Double Dee’s tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces.  The especially unique Double Dee lug technology combined with the sticky green compound allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time.   Double Dee’s are good to the last drop as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body.

The Double Dee’s incorporate a compact tire body with crisp tread and separation for intense racing.

Double Dee’s excel on outdoor hard packed clay surfaces with either dry or wet conditions.  Double Dee’s are at their best when used on a surface with a blue grooved surface.   

JConcepts Tire Application Chart

1/10th tire Features:

  • Available in sticky Green compound
  • Compact tire body with crisp tread and separation 
  • Aggressive square Double Dee lug technology
  • Includes firm And-1 foam inserts for 1/10th tires

JConcepts Tire Compound Key:

Yellow = Medium - all conditions

White = Medium – groove conditions

Blue = Soft - all conditions

Gold = Soft - Indoor compound  

Green = Super Soft - all conditions