0044 - Illuzion - Illuzion - Nitro Stampede - "Tango" body


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The Illuzion - Illuzion - Nitro Stampede - "Tango" body by JConcepts
Part # - 0044
(Direct fit for the Traxxas Nitro Stampede)

The "Tango" style is the latest in monster truck styling from JConcepts.  Tango presents a new approach while incorporating functionality of the original Illuzion concept.  Beefy fenders, Illuzionized cab and durable flowing bed design are just some of the features that make the new Illuzion "Tango" stand out from the rest.

It takes two to “Tango”!

Illuzion – Nitro Stampede Features:

  • Original Illuzion "Tango" Styling
    Clear polycarbonate
    Comes standard in Heavy-Duty thickness material
  • Protective film
  • Window masks
  • Illuzion headlight decal sheet

All bodies come clear (not painted) the images shown here on this page are custom painted. Custom paint is not included.

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