JConcepts racing tires

"Double Dees" unleashed - First Big race, first Big win.

JConcepts Racing Tires made their debut at the 2007 Nitro Challenge in Surprise, AZ. In the hotly contested 45 minute A-main event, Ryan Maifield made it a debut to remember by winning the Pro Gas Truck class A-main with his Associated GT2 running on JConcepts "Double Dees" tires in Sticky Green Compound.

JConcepts driver Ryan Maifield stated:

"You can tell if a tire is going to work on the first lap and especially in 1/10th scale and gas truck in particular. While in the lead with 2 minutes to go, when I heard the race announcer say I had my fastest lap in the entire 45 minute A-main, I was impressed!"

JConcepts President Jason Ruona stated:

"I have been fascinated with R/C tires since I started racing in 1991. I've driven in 3-IFMAR Worlds A-main finals and been a Pro driver since 1994. Great drivers can make a lot of products look good; tires are not one of those products."

JConcepts racing tires are available in soft blue compound and super soft Sticky Green compound. Please view the JConcepts Tire Application chart for thread pattern and compound suggestions.

Although, the first major event for these tires, they have been under development for nearly a year. Rigorous testing by qualified drivers and designers make for ideal racing products.

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