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Whippits - Fits 60mm 1/10th Buggy Rear Wheel

Whippits - Fits 60mm 1/10th Buggy Rear Wheel


Fits 60mm/2.4" 1/10th buggy rear wheel

Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts

2pc per package

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Product Information

The outdoor racing scene has a new off-road tire, the Whippits.  Built on the 60mm bead size carcass, the Whippits are fresh from the JConcepts design team.  Starting with a sit-down meeting with racing legend Brian “Dirt” Kinwald, Jason Ruona went to work creating a beefier bar tire capable of conquering the outdoor blue groove, black groove and sugar type surfaces.  The Whippits feature the 45 degree edging Kinwald asked for with light detail separating the pins as a noticeable top and bottom layer. 

The outside of the tire features a directional inspiration from the 1/8th buggy tire, the Metrix, to support the lateral load while still providing forward drive mid to corner exit.  The long Whippit bars in the center provide massive straight-line tracking and stability and the heavier nature of the pin itself resists excess center wear.  Small Pressure Point type pins have been added in a subtle way to handle light dust and increase surface area where needed.  Whippits will excel on tracks that have taken on rubber or have been pre-treated with fluids or chemicals to induce extra grip or consistency. 


  • JConcepts original tread, available in multiple compounds
  • Horizontal, low-profile / beefy tread, close arrangement 
  • 45 degree edging, highly detailed layers
  • 60mm | 2.4” bead mounting size 
  • Carefully shaped carcass = smooth steering characteristics 
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts