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RM2 - Glue Tip Needle - Thin or Medium Bore

RM2 - Glue Tip Needle - Thin or Medium Bore


Fits – JC #2043T/2043M glue and other similar bottles

10pc per package
Choose Thin or Medium bore below
​* Glue sold separately

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Product Information

An accessory drivers never seem to have enough of in the pits are extra glue needles for the popular sized glue bottles. The RM2 needles are plastic tipped so the length can be trimmed for a fresh surface and clogging can be minimized. Typically, 1 needle will last several weekends or more, however, under certain conditions, they seem to get lost in the shuffle or cleaned incorrectly leaving the racer without at a key time. The thin bore tip is best used with very thin glue (#2043T) while the medium bore is best used on the medium viscosity (#2043M). Stock up on glue needles from RM2 so you never get caught in a pinch during a long race outing.


  • Durable, long spout for easy trim or tune
  • Flexible plastic material, less clogging than metal
  • 10 pieces included per package