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Rippits - Fits 60mm 1/10th 2wd Buggy Front Wheel

Rippits - Fits 60mm 1/10th 2wd Buggy Front Wheel


2pc - Fits 60mm | 2.4” 1/10th buggy rear wheel

Available in multiple compounds - 2pc per package

Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts

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Product Information

The combined rib | tread front tire from JConcepts is revolutionary and with 2wd, front tires are more critical than ever.  With JConcepts, the options are powerful.  The Rippits feature vertical bars that were introduced on the Whippits rear tire but designed and positioned more favorable for a front tire.  By moving the bars vertical the front tracking and stability is very noticeable.  The Rippits allow the driver to clear a corner, release the turn and power forward with confidence on grippy conditions.  

The positioning of the bars in close proximity provides a smooth transition side to side and grips high-speed corners with force.  The tread spacing still cuts through the dust on the outside line of the track giving plenty of “catch” allowing the driver to search out the quicker laps.  The highly blended outside bar makes the transition from 180 degree corners to high-speed sweepers that much more forgiving.   The overall surface area of the tire grips harder in areas of the track where the most traction exist translating into quick lap-times. Rippits will excel on tracks that have taken on rubber or have been pre-treated with fluids or chemicals to induce extra grip or consistency. 


  • JConcepts original tread, available in multiple compounds
  • Vertical, low-profile / beefy tread, close arrangement 
  • 45 degree edging, highly detailed layers
  • 60mm | 2.4” bead mounting size 
  • Carefully shaped carcass = smooth steering characteristics 
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts