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RC10T EGT Conversion Kit

RC10T EGT Conversion Kit


This kit requires additional 3D parts for completion
Find additional parts needed HERE

Fits RC10GT Gas Truck


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Product Information

This conversion kit includes the following items...

Hi-Flow - RC10T5M body w/spoiler
RC10T 3.0mm Carbon Fiber front shock tower - team truck edition
EGT, Carbon Fiber, rear shock tower
EGT, aluminum motor plate - black anodized
EGT, motor plate | chassis brace - black anodized
EGT, battery post, standoff - black anodized

3D printed items (SOLD SEPARATELY)

EGT, motor plate 360 spacer - 3D printed
EGT, battery hold-down - 3D printed
EGT, front bumper - 3D printed
EGT, rear bumper - 3D printed

The JConcepts EGT conversion kit requires some chassis modifications for assembly. The included templates are used to locate and drill new holes on an RC10GT chassis. 

Cutout the paper template to the designated perimeter shape and notice the holes as they are labeled. Position the main template using the 4 transmission holes and center the position and mark with the center punch. Using a 7/64” drill bit, drill center of each of the 6 new positions, 2 for motor plate support and 4 for battery brace stand-off.

The servo mount locations also need to be adjusted. Using the smaller servo template, align the factory mount holes as the base position and mark center of the new hole positions and complete the same procedure for drilling as above.

As a rule of thumb, measure and check the template twice and drill once. Center mark the template centers with a tiny dimple. Once the locations of each are set, finish the complete hole. Take the necessary time to do things right the first time. 

FHCS fasteners are provided for the motor plate support and battery brace stand-off. Using this hardware requires the new holes to be countersunk on the bottom of the chassis. This can be performed with an 82 degree countersink bit and drill. The remaining screws and washers provided are to secure the battery brace (not included) to the battery standoffs. 

Good luck and enjoy.