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Pin Downs - Carpet And Astro Tires - 4wd Front

Pin Downs - Carpet And Astro Tires - 4wd Front


Fits - 2.2" 4wd front wheel

Pink compound, medium soft

Textured tire carcass indicates direction

Includes narrow, gray, open cell inserts

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Product Information

JConcepts re-invents the pin style tire with the release of the Pin Downs. The Pin Downs feature a pin spiked tread, which is directional for added performance and stability. The directional nature of the pins were positioned to allow broken-in type pins to grip the surface in one direction, while the pins are more upright when oriented in the opposite direction. The tire carcass is marked with a special texture which helps the driver with orientation during mounting. The bottoms of the pins have heavy radiuses which allow the pins to wear more consistently and not tear or rip off the carcass prematurely. 

The tire carcass itself has been refined to reduce weight while maintaining strong sidewall support. The pink compound marked with 2 pink dots on the tire represents a new compound for JConcepts, a medium soft material with good wear characteristics. The tires include gray, open cell inserts making them a complete set ready for mounting straight out of the package. The Pin Downs work best on Carpet and Astroturf tracks where typically a small pin tire is working.


It is popular in Carpet and Astroturf racing to trim the tire pins to reduce the amount of grip 4wd front tires produce. Drivers typically start by trimming the outer most pins and work their way toward the center of the tire until the car has the proper balance for the conditions. Tuning with precision is the key to success and it’s easy to dial in with the Pin Downs. 



  • JConcepts fit, finish and design
  • Multi-position, directional sharp pins
  • Hefty pin to carcass radius for increased response
  • Textured tire carcass indicates direction
  • Carefully shaped profiled carcass for rolling speed
  • Includes narrow, gray, open cell inserts