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Elevated - 1/8th Truck Wheel

Elevated - 1/8th Truck Wheel


Standard offset
Limited availabilty remains in yellow – 4pc.
​Fits only – JConcepts Elevated tires

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Product Information

At the heart of the revolutionary tire bead for 1/8th truck racing is the Elevated 1/8th truck wheel. The JConcepts design team started from the ground-up with an all new wheel design. Leaving no detail untouched, the elevated (angular) bead configuration provide elements that combine light-weight with performance. Utilizing the tire sidewall as the mounting bead, the Elevated wheel design eliminated the need for excess rubber and insert material, dropping overall weight, while simplifying the mounting / gluing contact patch and location. Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow the Elevated bead wheel is manufactured in a durable material which is able to withstand the heavy rigors of 1/8th truck racing.

​The Elevated wheels also incorporate a user friendly wheel face shaped to promote a smoother gluing, wiping and drying experience. Elevated wheels are also branded with the JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.

  • Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow color combinations
  • 4 wheels included per package
  • Elevated bead technology
  • Durable material and design

Fits only JConcepts Elevated Tires.