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Dirt Racing Products - Cleaner

Dirt Racing Products - Cleaner


Formulated liquid to clean tire beads for a lasting bond

2 - 4oz bottles per package

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Brian Kinwald, one of the top names of all-time in R/C racing and development, has set out to offer exclusive products to the racer via Dirt Racing Products. Preparation methods, tire applications and additives along with unique tools and products have kept BK running at the top of his game since 1990. Practice, learn and race with select items from the Kinwald collection that will increase performance, provide durability and just plain look cool. To Brian, the race in the pits is just as competitive as the race on the track.  


Tested and used by Brian Kinwald, the Dirt Cleaner is a liquid used to clean un-mounted tires prior to mounting.   The Dirt Cleaner uses a clean and simple bottle with screw-top spout which ensures quick operation.    Two bottles are included in each package so one can be stored at a home work station while the other can be used trackside or while on the go.   The edge provided by proven products in the pits can be the difference between winning and losing. Follow the method to success with Dirt Racing Products.       


Be safe, race well - Brian Kinwald | 2-time IFMAR World Champion, 30-time ROAR National Champion



  • Liquid cleans tire beads for lasting bond
  • 2 bottles included per package  
  • 4oz bottles with screw-top spout
  • Tested and used by Brian Kinwald