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48 pitch, 90T, SS Machined Spur Gear

48 pitch, 90T, SS Machined Spur Gear


Fits Traxxas Slash, E-Rustler, E-Stampede

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Silent Speed Spur Gears for Traxxas vehicles 

Test and confirm, trial and prototype makes JConcepts products great performers.  The Silent Speed precision machined spur gears from JConcepts specifically designed for the popular Traxxas vehicles are now available.   All details are considered so they are a direct bolt-on piece with the convenience of the tooth marking and security of the precision design pack a meticulously packaged product.   Silent Speed for the Slash, E-Rustler and E-Stampede are hot off the development line and ready to hop-up the most popular assortment of vehicles on the market.   

 Gear-up or Shut-up.   JConcepts introduces Silent Speed spur gears for Team Associated, TLR and Traxxas.    69 and 72 tooth spur gears now available specifically for AE vehicles and stock class racing.

The heart of any R/C vehicle is the transmission, at the top of the transmission lies the spur gear; an integral part of racing performance.   Designed with several key aspects in focus,  JConcepts introduces the Silent Speed line of spur gears for select Team Associated, TLR and Traxxas vehicles. 

Spur gears or straight-cut gears are some of the simplest forms of gears; however they directly influence the ratio, speed and sound of R/C vehicles and they are extremely important.    These gears when meshed together correctly provide the transfer of power from the motor to the transmission and are one of the key elements in the versatility and sound of the vehicle.

Silent Speed spur gears are precision machined making them uniquely concentric over standard or molded gears giving the user a consistent gear mesh allowing a more precise adjustment and more “silence” on the race track.   The detailed machining provides a pattern vented area and secured slipper pad on both sides giving more consistent slipper performance.    The gears are marked for size in 2 different ways so they are identifiable either assembled within a slipper assembly or as a stand-alone part.    Silent Speed spur gears are also branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.     

Already a winner, the Silent Speed Spur Gears scored a victory at the 2011 ROAR Off-Road Nationals in the 2wd Short Course Class in the hands of Ryan Maifield on his Factory Team SC10.  These results were backed up in 2012 with another ROAR National Championship in the hands of Kevin Motter in the 2wd stock SCT class.  Gear-up or Shut-up, Silent Speed by JConcepts.

Machined, recessed dots on the outer edge indicate size while assembled within the slipper assembly for the easiest identification.  

Traxxas Slash, E-Rustler, E-Stampede –

3 dot = 90 tooth

Traxxas Slash 4x4, Stampede 4x4 – 

1 dot = 54 tooth

  • JConcepts simple design and function
  • Precision machined for durable and concentric design
  • Machined to indicate size while assembled or stand-alone
  • JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design