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48 pitch, 69T, SS Machined Spur Gear

48 pitch, 69T, SS Machined Spur Gear


Fits B5 | B5M | T5M | SC5M
​Machined to indicate size while assembled or stand-alone


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Silent Speed Spur Gears for Team Associated vehicles.  The Silent Speed phenomena hit first with the Team Associated line of vehicles with an incredible assortment of sizing.   By popular demand JConcepts is bringing 2 more sizes to the development table, the 69 and 72 tooth spur gears are now available specifically for AE vehicles and stock class racing providing even more gearing options.  All details are considered so they are a direct bolt-on piece with the convenience of the tooth marking and security of the precision design pack a meticulously packaged product.

  • Fits B5 | B5M | T5M | SC5M line of vehicles