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posted: 05.14.2011Punisher - 1/8th wing

New fully adjustable Punisher wing for 1/8 racing

Punisher – 1/8th wing, side dams and decal (Black)
Part # – 0120B
(fits 1/8th buggy and truck)

The racer has asked and JConcepts delivered with the all new Punisher rear wing.   The Punisher wing features a flat deck, high-wicker design giving increased rear down-force.  This trend busting design includes 4 different interchangeable side-dams for increased tuning options and vehicle compatibility which makes the Punisher wing a lock-down favorite for all 1/8th vehicle makes and models.  Extensive ribbing and support create additional flow channels underneath the deck surface with a larger outer rib closest to the side-dam.   The underside of the deck also comes with a raised grid area which makes aligning to different model vehicles easier.  The JConcepts lowered surface decal placement comes standard on all side-dams and is the perfect footing for standard or aftermarket decals.

Side-dam options:

* 97mm high stability side-dams, recommended for large, high speed, flowing tracks where tracking stability is a major function of performance.   
* 92mm high stability side-dams, recommended for large, high speed tracks with tighter or many 180 degree corners.
* High rotation side-dams, recommended for medium size, high speed tracks which require more steering or vehicle braking rotation.
* High profile side-dams, recommended for large, high speed tracks with low or medium grip conditions. 

Wing features:

* Flat deck, high-wicker design            
* 97mm high stability, 92mm high stability, high rotation and high profile side-dam options
* Six, 3x12mm screws for side-dam attachment
* Raised grid area for mounting ease
* Detailed wing deck and side-dam decal sheets