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posted: 12.27.2010Think you have what it takes to be the King?

Looking for a great deal on all the best products for your vehicle?
Take a look at our new King Packs - 1/8 Buggy King Pack, 1/8 Truck King Pack or the Short Course King Pack - with these items grouped together for optimum pricing take advantage of this today.

Pick up this limited edition 1/8 Buggy King Pack loaded with JConcepts premium 1/8 off-road products.
Save over $60 when you order this special combo pack.  This special Buggy King Package includes:

1 x 0113Y Wing
2 x 3029-00 Yellow compound Sevens
2 x 3031-00 Yellow compound Crowbars
2 x 3032-00 Yellow compound Crossbows
1 x Any Buggy Body (make your selection below)
1 x 2056 Medium Racing bag


The perfect way to top off your 1/8 truck is with JConcepts premium and ROAR National Championship products in the JC 1/8th Truck King Pack.

Take advantage of this limited time special offer and save over $100 when ordering this combo pack of 1/8 R/C Accessories; select your own body to fit your truck and the tires come in blue/ soft and yellow/medium for ultimate customization.

The 1/8th Truck King Pack includes:
1 x Any 1/8 truck body (make selection below)
2 x 3027-00 Yellow Sevens (one set)
2 x 3027-01 Blue Sevens (one set)
1 x 0113Y wing
2 x 3320y Mono - 3.7" - 1/8th truck wheel - standard offset - (yellow) (2 sets)
1 x 2056 Medium Racing bag


Think you have what it takes to be the Short Course King? 

With these premium and National Championship products from JConcepts, combined together for maximum savings - you too, can look like a winner.

For a Limited Time, save over $45 when you order this Short Course King pack from JC - Only $103 for all of this:

1 x 0090 ROAR National Champion, Ford Raptor SVT Body
2 x 3043-02 Double Dee's for SCT - a full set!
1 x 2056 Medium Racing bag