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posted: 02.09.2009JConcepts & oOple Competition & Winners

JConcepts and oOple have teamed up to bring another great competition to oOple forum users. Another opportunity to put to use your creative skills, the top prize will go to competitor who submits the best race report this month, closing date 12th January - this has been extended to give people more time.

The judges at JConcepts will be looking for photographic and written evidence of your car (or someone elses) using Jconcepts products to get the car to the finishing line. Any JConcepts product(s) can be featured, from the worlds winning BJ4 car, to body shells or wings, wheels, tyre bands and tyres!

Make sure your entry gets noticed by the judges by being as creative as possible, video footage would be a plus, especially with vocal input. Try to be as unique as possible with your report, the layout and the content - race report, blog or story - use your imagination and run with it. Judges would be put off by entries which look boring, doesn't promote the product well, or show lack of thought.

Don't be put off by thinking you need to produce magazine-quality material here. This is competition is open to everyone with enthusiasm for racing.

So, what's up for grabs I hear you say - well JConcepts have really come up trumps here, with the first prize including the IFMAR World Championship winning 4WD buggy, the fantastic JConcepts BJ4 Worlds Edition. If that weren't enough then a range of other JConcepts products sweeten the deal even more. If you don't manage to win the top prize then there are great prizes on offer for the second and third places entries. So get creative, don't miss out because you don't think you can do it - you get nothing if you don't try so GO FOR IT.


1st place

BJ4 Worlds Edition car kit JConcepts body of your choice JConcepts Racing Tires front and rear JConcepts front and rear wheels JConcepts small racing bag 1 free entry into the JConcepts Clash race event.  Limited to $45 value of race entry fee.  No cash value.

2nd place

JConcepts body of their choice JConcepts Racing Tires front and rear JConcepts front and rear wheels JConcepts small racing bag

3rd place

JConcepts body of their choice JConcepts Racing Tires front and rear JConcepts front and rear wheels

View it on the oOple site here

Congrats to the Winners !

First place to Scamp Hudson - Mike Hudson

Second place to Oracleone - Ryan Liker

Third place to Johnnyboy - John Summach

Winning articles to follow!


Scamp Hudson - Mike Hudson's Firt Place Submission

The York Club had high expectations after last years exceedingly successful Indoor regional event, York’s track was as always very exciting and based on a track they used 2 years ago with a variety of features from a 2 step table top jump to twisty bumpy mat sections to challenge the on-coming racers amateur and pro alike. I attended the track building the night before to give a helping hand and to get a good look at what the track had to throw at me the next day.

The hall was already getting filled very quickly as soon as doors the opened early in the morning with people from all over the North East and West to attend the event.
During practice the two jumps onto the mats were taken out due to people using them to try and clear the mat sections! No point of having mats there if the drivers are going to be flying over them rather than drive over them!

I’ve seen many including myself currently running the JConeceptsBJ4WE or B44 and XFactory X6 which seem to be very popular cars at current… maybe as they are the two cars that were driven to an overall 1st Place victory in the Great British National Outdoor series this year by Ellis Staford with the X6 for the 2wd title and Lee Martin who defended his previous year 4wd title with the B44 with great success!

I already run several JConcepts products with great faith in them including those delicious Rulux spoked wheels. These wheels are of great quality, they are tough and I believe lighter than the dished wheels and generally look awesome on any car and the most important they are round! The proline dished wheels were always more like an oval shape, the tyres do seem to sit better on the Rulux wheels making it easier to make a good job of gluing them on without making a wonky mess!
                                                                                                                    The JConcepts rear low profile ball cups a very nice part to have on , it adds an aggressive look to the car and gives good clearance so that unlike the normal ballcups that don’t rub on the wheels, I run the white JC ball cups all round on both my cars for the superb looks JC products always manage to give.     

The ball cups are heavy duty items and have the right amount of flex when needed if you happen to crash or roll etc. Another fantastic product from JC!
I will admit straight away the original B44 shell isn’t very pretty so I soon got myself the JC high flow body and wing which look amazing and are also very durable, the new scoopless version for the B44/BJ4WE also looks very nice which Paul Bradby used at this the York event and will definitely be the next bodyshell for me next time I need a new shell!

Finally I almost always run the JC Front wing on my XFactory X6, this gives the car better stability when jumping and also helps alot with on-power-steering through fast sweeping corners and keeps the front end planted.
All the JConcepts products I’ve tried and seen are top quality and I have always been confident with using them knowing they have helped with progressing my driving skills and made my cars look astounding and more durable.