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posted: 01.27.2009JConcepts Crawler tires and wheels are ready to crawl

JConcepts Racing Tires –
For Immediate release –

Rocx - crawler tire - green compound w/ memory foam (fits 2.2" truck wheel)
Part # - 3015-02
(Fits 2.2” wheels)

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Specifically designed with the highest crawling performance in mind the Rocx is a winner right out of the package.  JConcepts has pulled out all the stops to ensure a competitive product.  Starting from the Soft Sticky Green compound, detailed tread, tire over insert packaging all the way down to the "Peachy-1" medium density memory inserts, JConcepts is striving to set a new standard.
Please make note that the Rocx tire is a directional tread pattern and the first crawling tire designed with specific left and right marked indications.  Please mount the Rocx tires accordingly.
Although JConcepts crawling representatives report that running the Rocx tires as indicated produce the best balance of grip in most conditions, it is highly recommended that everyone experiment with personal testing to see what works best in each individual location.

For example, the Rocx tires include detailed inner carcass ribbing which improve sidewall support.  JConcepts representatives have experimented by removing the inner ribbing with curved scissors.  This has shown to improve performance in vertical climbs and in conditions where more sidewall flex is desired. When in doubt, try it yourself.

Rocx tire flexing its muscles -   

JConcepts representative Donnie Jackson has been involved in R/C for 20+ years and has since taken to competitive crawling.  Donnie states – “The Rocx tires have everything that I have been looking for.  I have tested all the latest fashions and “trendy” options and the Rocx are my choice for serious competition.  The Rocx are just so adjustable with the inner ribbing and directional tread pattern they are capable of just about anything. I have these mounted and ready for first outing at every competition.”

Matthew Tiller a Rock Crawling national competitor and JConcepts representative had this to say about the Rocx tires. “Like everyone I have tried just about everything on my rig and after attending the JConcepts Bash and using the Rocx tires on the multi-surface course the Rocx tires made a believer out of me.  The large diameter and directional tread combined with the JConcepts rubber took my rig in and out of trouble spots like never before”. 
The Rocx tires have several key standout features which include:

* Proprietary Soft Sticky Green rubber crawling compound
* Peachy-1 medium density memory inserts
* Detailed and scaled lugs with directional tread (an R/C industry crawling innovation)
* Large overall tire diameter
* Inner sidewall ribbing support
* JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design

Tense – 2.2” rock crawler wheel - (Black w/ bead locks) - 4pc.
Part # - 3314
(Fits crawler vehicle with 12mm hex)

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It has been said that the devil is in the details and while that is a debatable statement there is no denying that the Tense wheels from JConcepts are as detailed as they come.  Tense wheels are competition inspired from the ground up to withstand heavy abuse and perform under even the most demanding situations.  The Tense wheel design begins with a scale appeal and functionality that separates itself from the rest.  Heavy duty black nylon material and 12mm beefy hex design combine to form the ultimate in scale and performance. 

Tense wheels include a heavy duty inside and outside aluminum anodized bead lock with 8 - 3x10mm button head screws on each bead lock for increased security.  Topping off the appearance of the wheel is an aluminum anodized center cap etched with JC logo for authenticity and brand loyalty.  The aluminum JC center caps are secured to the wheel by 6 – 2.5x6mm button head screws.   Although it is not certain that the devil is in the details the Tense wheels from JConcepts are undeniably evil at best.

Features include:

* Original JConcepts scale looking design
* Durable black nylon material with heavy duty hex design
* Aluminum anodized bead locks with 3x10mm screws
* Aluminum anodized center cap etched with JC logo
JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design