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posted: 08.21.2006BJ4 Wins Euros

Event: EFRA Off-Road Championship
Location: RMC Wein - Vienna Austria
Dates: August 14 - 19, 2006

The 1/10th Off-Road EFRA European Championship draws racers from many different countries and is regarded as one of the highest-level events in the world.

Euros 2006 was no different with 8 countries represented and several IFMAR World Championship drivers in presence competition was extremely tough.

Peter Pinisch driving his BJ4 Worlds Edition TQ'ed and won the event in convincing fashion. Peter earned the top qualifying position after 5 rounds of qualifying and then went out and won the 1st 2- A Finals to secure this prestigious title.

Marc Rheinard driving his BJ4 Worlds Edition joined Peter in the A-main and earned a well-deserved 5th place finish. Known for his IFMAR World Championship ability in on-road, Marc is quickly becoming a force in off-road as well.

Congratulations drivers!

Photos Courtesy: Jimmy Storey

BJ4 Worlds Edition - Racing History

2005 IFMAR World Championship - TQ and 1st place

2005 ROAR Stock Nationals - TQ and 1st place

2006 Cactus Classic - TQ and 1st place

2006 Hotrod Shootout - TQ and 1st place
2006 ROAR Modified Nationals - TQ and 1st place

2006 EFRA European Championships - TQ and 1st place

Products in Focus:

BJ4 Worlds Edition
Illuzion B4 Scoopless body
Illuzion 6" High downforce wing
Illuzion XXX body
Illuzion XXX front wing