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posted: 08.15.2006BJ4's Sweep ROAR Nationals

Event: ROAR Modified Offroad Nationals
Location: Planet R/C Indianapolis, IN
Dates: August 12 & 13, 2006

Driving the BJ4 Worlds Edition Jared Tebo led a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sweep at this years Roar Modified Off-Road Nationals held at Planet R/C Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield finished 2nd and 3rd and Brent Thielke and Dave Montgomery finished in the 7th and 8th position.

In Fact, Jared Tebo also TQ'ed all 4 round of qualifying and went on to win the first 2 A-mains. In an event of this magnitude, Jared was "on fire".

Since winning in its debut at the 2005 IFMAR World Championship, the BJ4 Worlds Edition has simply been too hot to handle. The BJ4 Worlds Edition has pushed the envelope of development in electric 4wd competition racing.

BJ4 Worlds Edition - Racing History

2005 IFMAR World Championship - TQ and 1st place

2005 ROAR Stock Nationals - TQ and 1st place

2006 Cactus Classic - TQ and 1st place

2006 Hotrod Shootout - TQ and 1st place
2006 ROAR Modified Nationals - TQ and 1st place


JConcepts Illuzion race bodies and wings were once again well represented and used throughout all main events and A-finals. The 6" and 7" wing combinations were the choice for the sometimes-slick racing surface.

Congratulations to all drivers on their performances.

Photos Courtesy: Brent Thielke - Team Associated

Products in Focus:

BJ4 Worlds Edition

Illuzion B4 Scoopless Body

Illuzion T4 Scoopless Body

Illuzion XXX body

Illuzion XXX-T body

6" Wing

7" Wing

7" V-Wing