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posted: 04.13.2006Team Losi Championships

Event: Team Losi Offroad Championships
Location: Hurricane R/C Club Tampa, FL
Date: April 79, 2006

The 2006 Team Losi Off-Road Champions presented by the Hurricane R/C club was held at Lake Park in Tampa, FL. The Hurricane track crew designed one of the most challenging track layouts ever seen at Lake Park. The track layout incorporated 4 over-under jumps as well as a series of step-downs and elevation change throughout. Hurricane R/C also turned back the clock and re-introduced heads up type starts in qualifying to the Pro 2wd, truck and 4wd classes. This added some extra racing style excitement to qualifying in the Pro Class.

Congratulations to the Hurricane crew for all their hard work.

Pro Modified Truck:

In the Pro Modified truck class Ryan Maifield TQ'ed and won this highly contested class with his RC10T4. Ryan Cavalieri and Travis Ameczua took the 2nd and 3rd place positions respectively.

1st - Ryan Maifield - T4
2nd - Ryan Cavalieri - T4
3rd - Travis Amezcua - XXX-T

Sportsman Modified Truck:

In the Sportsman Modified truck class James Caldwell took home the 1st place trophy followed by Chad Cunningham and Ed Weaver in the 2nd and 3rd place positions respectively.

1st - James Caldwell - T4
2nd - Chad Cunningham - XXX-T
3rd - Ed Weaver - T4

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Pro 2wd Modified:

In the Pro 2wd modified class Travis Amezcua TQ'ed and won with Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield taking the 2nd and 3rd place positions respectively.

1st - Travis Amezcua - XXX
2nd - Ryan Cavalieri - B4
3rd - Ryan Maifield - B4

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Sportsman 1/10th Nitro Truck:

In the Sportsman 1/10th Nitro truck class Jim Myers took the TQ and 1st place with his RC10GT fitted with an Illuzion GT body.

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Pro 4wd Modified:

In the Pro 4wd modified class Mike Truhe took 1st place with Travis Amezcua following in 2nd with Ryan Cavalieri taking 3rd.

1st - Mike Truhe - XXX-4
2nd- Travis Amezcua - XXX-4
3rd - Ryan Cavalieri - BJ4 Worlds Edition

Sportsman 4wd Modified:

In the Sportsman 4wd Modified class James Caldwell driving a BJ4 Worlds Edition TQ'ed and took 1st place. Ed Weaver also driving a BJ4 Worlds Edition took the 2nd place position and Patrick Rossiter took home the 3rd place position.

1st - James Caldwell - BJ4 Worlds Edition
2nd- Ed Weaver - BJ4 Worlds Edition
3rd - Patrick Rossiter - XX-4

X-Factory Challenge:

The X-Factory presented a special racing event on Saturday in 2wd and Sunday in 4wd. This is a special event featuring 10 pro drivers that draw out of a hat for starting grid positions and race 1 A-main style event in 2wd and 1 A-main style event in 4wd. The best overall finishers receive a bonus check courtesy of the X-Factory. Saturday featured the 2wd cars with X-Factories own Greg Hodapp taking the win with Ryan Cavalieri taking 2nd. Sunday featured the 4wd cars with Ryan Cavalieri taking the 1st place with his BJ4 Worlds Edition and Jared Tebo taking the 2nd place position. Ryan Cavalieri with a 1st and 2nd place took home the X-Factory check.

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Congratulations to all the winners!