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posted: 01.27.2006Region 4 Championships

Event: Region 4 Championships
Location: Tampa, FL
Dates: 1/21-1/22 , 2006

4wd Modified:

The BJ4 Worlds Edition took the top 3 positions at this year Region 4 Championship. JR Mitch, Jason Ruona and Ryan Eckert finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively completing a sweep of the top 3 positions. Jason Ruona also captured the TQ position in this highly competitive event.

2wd Modified:
In the 2wd Modified class Jason Ruona captured TQ and 1st place with his RC10B4 fitted with an Illuzion "scoopless" body. Following closely, JR Mitch and Ryan Eckert finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with their RC10B4 buggies.

Truck Modified:

In some very exciting racing in the Modified truck class Ryan Eckert took the TQ and 1st place with his RC10T4 truck fitted with an Illuzion T4 truck body. Bobby Phillips took home the 2nd place finish also driving an RC10T4 with an Illuzion T4 body. Leon McIntosh with his RC10T4 finished a very close 3rd place.

4wd Mini Truck:
Bobby Phillips driving his RC18T TQ'ed and won the 4wd Mini-T class. Bobby fitted his RC18T with the Illuzion RC18T body.

Congratulations to all the winners in Region 4!

Photos Courtesy: JR Mitch