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Jared Tebo wins 1/10th Roar Nationals

Jared Tebo driving his Associated RC10GT TQ'ed and won this years Roar fuel nationals. Jared also placed 3rd with his Kyosho 777 topped with an Illuzion 777 body in the 1/8th buggy class.

BJ4 wins Michigan States

Al Horne driving his JConcepts BJ4 TQ'ed and won this years Michigan state championships. Al also won the 2wd modified class with this RC10B4.

Ryan Cavalieri wins

Ryan Cavalieri TQ'ed and won the the 4wd modified class with his BJ4 at the 2nd round of the Jimmy Babcock series.

BJ4 TQ's BRCA round 1

Lee Martin with his JConcepts BJ4 TQ's the first round of the 2005 BRCA national series. Lee raced Neil Cragg in all 3 mains with Neil taking the win and Lee finishing in the 2nd postion.

BJ4 Wins 2005 Losi Race

Ryan Cavalieri driving the JConcepts BJ4 TQ'ed and won the Factory 4wd modified class at this years Losi Race. Ryan's BJ4 was prepared by Brad Reelfs and was equipped with Losi red taper pin front tires and red rear BK Bars

Jared Tebo Wins Silver State

Jared Tebo once again doubles one of the biggest nitro races of the year. Jared won the highly popular 1/8th scale buggy class with his Kyosho 777 buggy topped off with a JConcepts Illuzion 777 body
Maifield's BJ4

BJ4 Wins 2005 Cactus Classic

The 19th Annual Cactus Classic draws over 350 entries including several from multiple countries that filled up within five days of the entry form release......

Jared Tebo Wins Nitro Challenge

The 2005 Nitro Challenge hosted by the Dirt in Hemet, CA kicked off 2005 with setting an entries record at this annual event. With all the major teams in attendance this race has set a bench mark for competition in Nitro Racing.

RC Pro Series Race #1

Glenn Harrison Jr. top qualified the highly competitive 1/8th buggy class with his Mugen Prospec and JConcepts Mugen Illuzion body. Ryan Eckert TQ'ed the 1/10th truck class with his RC10GT.

Kyosho 777 Illuzion released

JConcepts has released their all new body for the Kyosho 777 buggy. Available now.

State Race # 2 2005

The second race of this years Florida state series championship was held in Ft. Pierce, FL.

BJ4 Wins Mardi Gras Race

Traig Clark and his JConcepts BJ4 TQ and win this years Mardi Gras race at Red Stick Raceway in Baton Rouge, LA.

State Race # 1 2005

The first race of this years Florida state series championship was held in Bartow, FL. In the electric classes Jason Ruona and Ryan Eckert finished 1st and 2nd in the 4wd modified class with their BJ4's and Jason Ruona and Brandon Hershey

XXXT-MF2 Illuzion

JConcepts has released a body for the Team Losi XXXT-MF2 racing truck. Available now!

XXX-BK2 Illuzion Front Wing

JConcepts has introduced an all new front stabilizing wing for the XXX-BK2 racing buggy. Requires Team Losi part # LOSA8110 Downforce wing kit mounts for installation.

Baumgartner & BJ4 win.

Chris Baumgartner driving his BJ4 wins Winterfest at Planet RC Raceway in Indianapolis.

BJ4 wins state series

The last race of this years Florida state series championship was held at Lake Park in Tampa, Florida. JR Mitch and Ryan Eckert finished 1st and 2nd in the 4wd modified class and Jason Ruona and JR Mitch finished 1st and 2nd respectively in

Monster Illuzion

JConcepts is set to release an Illuzion body specifically for the larger monster trucks such as:

X-Ray XB8 Illuzion

X-Ray XB8 owners can now run an Illuzion body on their new car. Shown is David Joors new X-Ray XB8 topped off with an Illuzion body.

On-Road Region 4

JR Mitch and Bobby Phillips took home the 1st place finishes in the Touring car modified and stock classes respectively at this years On-Road Region 4 Championships. Both drivers tested and raced with the new Illuzion touring car