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Joe Cathey

.  Personal Questions: 

Date of Birth? 8/30/1976 

Where do you live? Kennewick, Washington 

Where were you born? Spokane, Washington 

What is one surprising fact people may not know about you? I once went twelve days without a shower. 

What got you started in R/C? My Parents thought Karting would be too dangerous, so they got me into R/C.  

Why do you race? Because it’s fun, mostly. But I also enjoy the people I race with.  

What would you like see happen to R/C in the coming years? To somehow get more publicity to the hobby, make it grow.  


JConcepts product: Crossbows

Race vehicle “past”: RC-10 Team Car

Race vehicle “present”: RC8B

Race track: Northwest R/C Speedway in Pasco, Washington

R/C battle: Club racing with Marcus Anzivino and Jimbo at Spokane Indoor Raceway – man those were some fun times!

Thing to do in your spare time (besides R/C): Take care of my two children.

Role model: My Parents

Athlete: Jeff Gordon

Movie: Rambo – all of themTV show:

Married with Children

Food: Chocolate

Girl: Alaina and Mandy Cathey