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Zach Rogers

Personal Questions:
Date of Birth? 6/19/92
Where do you live?  Bakersfield, Ca
Where were you born?  Bakersfield, Ca
What is one surprising fact people may not know about you?  I drive left handed but im right handed at everything else.
What got you started in R/C?  Not being able to afford to go kart anymore so this was the next best thing and my dad had all his old stuff to give to me!!!
Why do you race? Its so much fun and it keeps me out of trouble.
What would you like see happen to R/C in the coming years? I want to see R/C get so well known that its on TV.

JConcepts product:
  Double Dee's
Race vehicle “past”: B3
Race vehicle “present”: B4 and B44 they are both a lot of fun
Race track: Hurricane Hobbies in Ridgecrest, Ca it was like sand so the whole track changed by the end of the was so cool.
R/C battle: Just a club race with my friend D.J Turley we had the closest battle ever the whole race!!!
Thing to do in your spare time (besides R/C): Dirtbike and chill with girls.
Role model: Ryan Maifield
Athlete: Michael Schumacher
Movie: To many to name
TV show: South Park
Food: Anything Taco Bell
Girl: My mom would kill me if I didnt put her, so my mom