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Paul Brady

Personal Questions:

Date of Birth? 27th November 1981

Where do you live? Scarborough temporarily, Nottingham soon hopefully.

Where were you born? Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

What is one surprising fact people may not know about you? I’m not Neil Cragg and he’s not me! When we go abroad people always get us mixed up. It ain’t hard… I’m the good looking one. Ahem!

What got you started in R/C? My dad helped run the local club

Why do you race? Mainly for the competition aspect at big events, it’s always good to challenge yourself, even if it is frustrating a lot of the time! Aside from that, the social side of racing is awesome. You get to meet people from all over the world from different cultures. That’s the coolest part about racing, the traveling.

What would you like see happen to R/C in the coming years? Permanent racing facilities in the UK. We got to get some undercover dirt tracks over here because of the climate. If we did, I’m sure the popularity of the sport would increase even more. I can’t see it happening though.

JConcepts product: ‘Hit Men’
Race vehicle “past”: Lazer ZXR
Race vehicle “present”: RC10 B4 when racing on a dirt track
Race track: Competition Hobbies for a perfect venue, but 2007 Euros track in Vaasa, Finland was unbelievable.
R/C battle: It was at Oswestry national a couple of years ago between Lee Martin, Craggy and myself. It went on for the full duration of the race, no more than a few feet apart all the way through it. Some crazy moves made by all three of us (Neil going backwards into a hairpin for 3 laps in a row was impressive!) It was all the sweeter for pulling a move round the outside of Lee to take the win a lap from the end. It was a funny race!
Thing to do in your spare time (besides R/C): Football (Soccer), read as much as possible, go to see live music, attempt to keep the girlfriend sweet!
Role model: In r/c it’s Craig Drescher… Legend.
Athlete: Alessandro Del Piero
Movie: Shawshank Redemption, City of God, any the Back to the Future films.
TV show: Family Guy, Shameless, and right now I’m loving Last Comic Standing.
Food: Italian or anything that Emma cooks me!
Girl: Adrianna Lima