Contact Information
Hours of Operation:
9:00 - 5:00 EST

Mailing Address:
JConcepts Inc.
15370 CR 565A, Ste C
Groveland, FL 34736

Telephone Numbers:
352-241-4976 Office
352-243-5904 Fax


JP Tirronen

Personal Questions:

Date of Birth? 9/27/94

Where do you live? Lantana, FL

Where were you born? West Palm Beach, FL

What is one surprising fact people may not know about you ? honor roll student, have to get good grades too race

What got you started in R/C ? watched a friend race one night, been hooked ever since 

Why do you race ?  love the competition

What would you like see happen to R/C in the coming years? 


JConcepts product:  body and wings, very durable and aerodynamic, tires,hook up on all sufaces, last for those long a mains.

Race vehicle “past”:  Tamiya hornet

Race vehicle “present”:  Mugen mbx5r, Team Associated gt2

Race track:  has to be home track, Mills Pond in Ft.Lauderdale, FL

R/C battle: Nick Angelides, Sean Kerston and myself battling for a main win at the Pond

Thing to do in your spare time (besides R/C):  karate twice per week currently green belt, play video games, fishing  

Role model:  off the track my dad, on the track the calm and always smooth Jason Ruona

Athlete: Ladainian Tomlinson

Movie:  The fast and the furious

TV show: Family Guy

Food: Crab legs

Girl: not yet