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Richard Lowe

Personal info:

Date of Birth: 9th of December 1982

Where do you live? Leeds, West Yorkshire, (North east) UK

Where were you born? Leeds LGI

What is one suprising fact people don't know about you? My hair used to be blonde when I was little.

What got you started in RC? My Parents bought me a Tamiya Kingcab for my 8th birthday, we found out about the Aire Valley club through the LHS and I've been racing ever since.

Why do you race? I like the way everyone/everything is constantly moving forward, I learn something new every race meeting.

What would you like to see happen in R/C in the coming years?  To continue the friendly atmosphere we have at meetings, I think it's great the way everyone helps everyone else despite trying to beat them on the track. Oh and ban yellow wheels!


JConcepts product - The new wrench sets

RC Vehicle 'Past' - The origonal Predator, it was so different to everything else.

RC Vehicle 'Present' - BJ4WE of course!

Race track - Aire Valley (No longer running)

R/C battle - The three way race I had with Stuart Wood and Neil Cragg at the first Batley Supercup, and coming out on top :)

Thing to do in my spare time - Building my own loudspeakers/amplifiers.

Role model - err, Chris Long :p

Athlete - None really

Movie - Probably Predator 1

TV Show - 24

Food - Sweet and sour chicken

Girl - Keira Knightley