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Tire Mounting Guidance

Bar Codes:

Much work was put into the details of the Bar Code truck tire so that customers would have more than one mounting option. After many months of testing we determined that in the rear the "Y" side bars should be mounted on the outside of the wheel. This typically results in more side bite and the truck being more stable from the rear. We recommend that the "Y" shaped bars be mounted on the inside of the wheel in front as this provides the truck with more initial bite/turn in. Although we tested on many surfaces/conditions, please experiment with these mounted in different directions to best suit your local track/condition.



The Carvers are a highly detailed tire that can be mounted in more than one manner. It is recommended that they are mounted with the "V" shaped ribs to the inside of the wheel when running on a loamy condition track. This orientation will provide more overall steering. If the Carvers are mounted with the "/" angular ribs to the inside of the wheel, the tires will be more progressive and have less steering. This is recommended for blue groove type tracks or where less steering is desired. This information is based on extensive testing, but may not apply to every situation. Please try the tires mounted both ways to see which suits your driving style and local conditions.